*Free* 1/2 hour College Consultations  (4 years ago)

Check out our page at www.collegegolfrecruitment.com


Keep your golf going over the winter! Here's how...  (4 years ago)

Heated tent lessons at Harbor Pines:  www.jgagolfacademy.com

Indoor golf lessons &/or fitnes training at Golf Specific Fitness: http://www.jgaofamerica.com/Tour/Content.aspx?GolfFitness

Play golf tournaments down south where it's warm:  www.hjgt.org (Hurricane Jr. Golf Tour)


Your JGA Tour membership includes a membership to the Hurricane Jr. Golf Tour!  (4 years ago)

When you join the JGA Tour, you are also a member of the Hurricane Jr. Golf Tour - www.hjgt.org - Join today!

Check out our new fitness page at: http://www.jgaofamerica.com/Tour/Content.aspx?GolfFitness  (4 years ago)

Stay active over the winter and be ready for the spring!!!  This is your time to make that much needed swing change or work-out to feel better!  http://www.jgaofamerica.com/Tour/Content.aspx?GolfFitness

JGA Tour @ Atlantic City 9/29 deadline is Sunday 9/22...  (4 years ago)
JGA Tour @ Atlantic City 9/22 is around the corner...  (4 years ago)
Tyler Rutherford wins Div II college golf tournament in Alabama  (4 years ago)

Congratulations to JGA's Tyler Rutherford, a Junior @ Catawaba University (Div II) for winning the Full Moon BBQ Invitational as an individual on 9/16 & 9/17 in Calera, Alabama. Tyler shot 72-66 138 to win by 1 stroke.  Tyler is a student of John Petronis, Teaching Professional at JGA Golf Academy

August 28th & 29th events are around the corner...  (4 years ago)

8/28 - Harbor Pines

8/29 - Shore Gate

Play in both for a Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranking!

2013-2014 Memberships are available  (5 years ago)

For the 2013 season, we are happy to announce our new website, which will offer:

  • Online tournament registration
  • Interactive Tournament Leaderboards
  • Player Profile Pages

       ...and much more! 

Please contact us at johnpetronis@juniorgolfers.net with any feedback on our new website!

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