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Membership Information w/Rules & Regulations for the 2017 *17 years!*


9, 18 & 36 Hole Divisions (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, & College Recognition Levels offered!)

 Junior Golf Scoreboard Nationally Ranked, AJGA Exemptions, & GolfWeek Rankings


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Want to play golf in college?  Visit: www.collegegolfrecruitment.com

Need further help with your game or golf specific fitness?  Visit:  www.jgagolfacademy.com


Welcome!!! ~ Registration is only available online – no paper entries or forms accepted

Withdrawing from an event?  If you withdraw from an event one-week prior to the event or more, you will receive a refund of the full amount minus $5.  Withdrawing less than one week prior to the event date ~ ½ of the entry fee will be refunded.  No refund or credit if you withdraw after tee-times are posted.  If you don’t show for the event ~ no refund.  Remember to sign-up early and guarantee your spot!!! 


Welcome to the JGA Tour, Junior Golfers’ Association of America, JGA Golf Academy, and JGA College Recruitment Services!  Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn how to play golf with other kids who share similar interests, enjoy golf at a beginner or intermediate level, or want to play golf at an advanced level and go for a college scholarship, we have the level that’s right for you!  Below is a quick description of our offerings and the the following pages spell out all of our Policies & Regulations.


QUICK FACTS ~ LEVELS (All levels make for a great way to meet other kids who share similar interests!)

1.  True Beginner: ~ Never played golf before or only a little? ~ Learn golf from a qualified & reputable PGA Golf Professional/Teaching Professional.  Need help finding one?  We can locate one for you.  Not sure?  Contact John Petronis, PGA Teaching Professional & #3 Best Teaching Professional in NJ at a public facility (2013 GolfStyles') at 609-374-1414 or petronisjohn@gmail.com 

2. JGA Tour – Kids (Three main Divisions & Skill Levels)

            a. 9-hole Developmental Division (A great start!  Entry fees start at $25):  This is perfect for the Beginner & Intermediate Level kids who have taken golf lessons already and know how to putt, chip, pitch, play out of the bunker, and swing the club (ability to advance the ball consistently in the air).

             b. 18-hole & 36-hole Divisions:  This division & awards will be divided into two main skill levels (Tournament Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced Divisions)      Separating the two levels has been a great addition to the JGA Tour! Intermediate Level where scores range from 85 to 105, sometimes lower as kids have their breakthrough.  In the intermediate division, we make things as fair as we can by handicapping by age putting kids at appropriate tees based on their age division. Once a competitor shoots 84 or better twice they must move up to the next set of tees or to the Advanced Level.  Scores range from high 60’s to 84, sometimes higher.  The advanced level has stronger age divisions spelled out on page 3.  NOTE:  If a player wants to be in this division, College Recruitment Services (online subscriptions, etc.) are not included.  This Membership costs:  $120  Check out our other membership levels!

             c. College Recognition Division: Our most elite division to help the kids with college recruitment! This division will also have an two levels: Intermediate Level (same basic set-up as above with scoring ranges and tee locations based on gender/age to help you figure out what level you should be playing).  Advanced Level There is so much that is included with this division to help you get noticed by college coaches! We submit all 36-hole results to the Junior Golf Scoreboard and directly to over 2,400       college golf coaches! Basically, there are two types of 36-hole events we offer:  1st Opportunity to be nationally ranked: Competing in two 18-hole tournaments designated as combined for JGS ranking purposes (aka…Classics Combined (18+18=36 holes) – This is a really good and economical way to get yourself on the radar for all college coaches to know that you exist!!!  2nd Opportunity to be nationally ranked:  Majors (2-day events) – These are prestigious events at high end golf courses typically during the prime season or prime weekends.  More exposure to college coaches due to bigger fields, longer distances, Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings, GolfWeek Rankings, and AJGA PBE for Player of the Year, and very classy prizes are awarded! Add-on College Recognition for $60 Includes:  Ping College Golf Guide online subscription & Junior Golf Scoreboard online subscription, & knowledge of which College Golf Coaches are checking out your profile.  Pay for this feature in our shopping cart.  Play your way up the ranks:  Lessons, 9-holes to 18-holes & then to 36-holes!  We even have a Ryder Cup/Walker Cup style matches called the Riegel Cup (end of the season), where the best 12 kids from the JGA of America, play against the best kids in Delaware!


3.  JGA Recruiting Service - You’re automatically on the college recruiting radar by competing in either 36-hole division!!!

Offerings – We also can help you develop your resume, cover letters, swing videos, call the college coach on your behalf, set up visits, follow NCAA Regulations, make sure you are playing in the right events, and help to make sure you are taking the right classes in high school, etc.



Though the membership materials are lengthy, understand that the process of reading, comprehending, and applying all membership materials will help to preserve the game of golf and the enjoyment that the game brings to all of us.   See our website www.jgatour.us for all updated information.



  1. Promote the game of golf, family golf, concentrating in all areas of junior golf and for all levels.
  2. Offer help with affordable course access and camaraderie through participating in our events. 
  3. To provide an avenue for junior golfers to showcase their talents and to pursue a college scholarship through our college recognition 36-hole division. (College coaches look at national events that are 36 Holes or more.)
  4. Provide at least (1) scholarship each year to a graduating senior going onto college. 



All junior golfers must become a member of the JGA Tour in order to be eligible for any offerings listed below.  Participate as much as your schedule permits.  You must be a JGA Tour member to be eligible for Player of the Year, Riegel Cup Matches and other member only events.  Most events; however, are open to non-members.  Male & Female junior golfers, up to ages 19 years old, are invited to participate as long as they are in high school or recently graduated and are between high school and college.  Otherwise, once you turn 19 &/or enter college you are no longer eligible for the JGA Tour.  Membership does not guarantee entry into any JGA Tour event(s). Membership is non-refundable.

Membership Period: January 1st thru December 31st  (Ask about oru Early Bird specials)             

Membership Rates for 18-hole Division: $120 (pays for itself! Plus, look at all you get!)

Membership Rates for 9-hole Developmental Division: Pay the flat online $120 rate and get a $60 credit on your account to be used towards tournaments or online proship items.

36-hole College Recognition Division:  Basically, those who upgrade events to include the JGS Add-on (Junior Golf Scoreboard). Most offerings are included with your JGA Tour membership (see below); however, for those a bit more serious about utilizing our JGA College Golf Recruitment Services, there are packages available.  JGA Tour members will receive a 10% discount.  If you chose to pay in advance by credit card, a 10% credit will be issued to your account and can be used for future tournaments or pro shop purchases.


Full Year Membership includes the following:

  1. Discounts into JGA Tour events ($10 to $25 off)
  2. Free membership to the Hurricane Jr. Golf Tour! Visit: www.hjgt.org (after you join JGA Tour, contact John Petronis at petronisjohn@gmail.com to set it up!)
  3. JGA Tour Bag Tag
  4. Tee-gift (Choice of:  JGA Tour logoed Hat, Towel, Balls, Sport Seat, Leather Accessory, etc.)
  5. USGA Rules of Golf Book
  6. Eligible for JGA of America, non-profit 501c3 Scholarship
  7. “Player of the Year” Rankings Awards & Incentives
  8. Eligible for Riegel Cup Matches (must qualify)
  9. NJ Residents: USGA Ghin Handicap and eGolfer (keep track of your statistics) through the New Jersey State Golf Association and access to their events. ($30value)
  10. Player Profile - Find out which college golf coaches are checking out your profile!
  11. 10% off of all JGA College Golf Recruitment Services
  12. All 36-hole events:  For JGS Add-ons - Results sent to the Junior Golf Scoreboard (www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com)
  13. All 36-hole events:  For JGS Add-ons - Results e-mailed directly to over 2,400 College Coaches!
  14. College Recognition Division/JGS Add-ons: AJGA PBE Exemptions & GolfWeek Rankings (if applies).


Examples of recruitment packages:  Below are for JGA Tour members who opt to purchase a JGA College Golf Recruitment Add-on package #1 for $90:

  1. College Recognition Division: Subscription to Online Junior Golf Scoreboard ($19.95value)
  2. College Recognition Division: Online subscription to Ping College Golf Guide ($79.95value)
  3. Free Assistance with starting up your College Golf Recruitment Profile Page



JGA Tour Rules, Policies, & Procedures

Rules we follow: USGA Rules of Golf, any local rules set-forth by JGA of America & host club will govern all play.  Unless allowed by a caddie rule (Majors only), any parent/spectator giving advice or walking with a player will result in a 2-stroke penalty to the player.  Awards are involved.  The rules are unbiased, offer a level playing field, and shall apply to all competitors regardless of age. 

Electronic Distance Measuring Devices:  Yes…allowed (distance measuring devices only, not slope)  Pull Carts OK?:  Yes…allowed  (if course allows)      

Cell Phones:  Players and Spectators must have ringers turned off.   A 2-stroke penalty will be issued for other than emergency use.

Proper Golf Attire: Must be worn by all competitors & spectators.  Spectator Carts Ok?:  Yes...allowed (if course allows)

Ties:  All first place ties will be decided by sudden death play-off.  All other ties for medals/awards will be decided by match of cards to break places.  Players keep points earned for ties; however, ties need to be broke for medals/awards only.  This will be done by a match of cards starting with the last 9 of the final 9-holes played, then last 6, last 3, if needed, until the tie is broken.  If tie still remains, a match of cards going from 18, 17, etc. backwards until tie is broken.



Tournaments ~ “JGA Tour –18-hole Divisions & 36-hole Divisions) 


Intermediate Division (Great for newer golfers, typically scoring 85-105…go for it!) This division is great for new intermediate jr. golfers who want to test their games & get out with other kids their own age and skill level. Event will be Co-ed if less than 5 girls. Tees modified as such: Ages 10-13 (Girls: Forward/1st Set of Tees & Boys: 2nd Set of Tees) and Ages 14-18 (Girls:  2nd Set of Tees & Boys: Regulation/3rd Set of Tees).  Note: Ages 10-13 will be classified as Intermediate/Advanced.  

The intermediate division is a perfect way for the kids to get their feet wet with competition and play great golf courses! By competing in this low stress division, the kids will more so learn golf the right way with other kids who share similar interests. Must have the ability to swing the club, get the ball in the air and have above general knowledge about Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Full Swing, and Green-side Sand.  Each child will be paired after the last advanced group, with a max score of 10.  Once a jr. golfer shoots 84 or better twice, he or she must move on to the 18-hole division.  All entries are based on availability.

Advanced Division Separate Boys & Girls, if more than 4 girls (no 36-hole division if less than 5 kids per gender). Both boys age divisions may be merged together for Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings.

Girls:  Ages 18** & Under (6,000yds)             Boys:   Ages 16 to 18** (typically 6,500-7,000yds)

(**May be 19 if still in high school)                                 Ages 15 & Under (up to 6,500yds)

Note 1: Parent & Spectator Responsibilities No Caddies in the Classics or Classic Majors. 

EXCEPTIONS: Only the 36-hole Majors and all 9-hole Developmental players may have a caddie.  All other parents & spectators must stay approximately 30 yards away for competitors and walk in rough or on the cart path even with or 1+ shot ahead of players in group.  Don’t fall behind group, as there are golfers behind your players waiting to hit.  Spectators must stay off of greens, tees, & fairways (unless walking across the other side). Parents/Spectators must not disrupt their group in anyway. May help players maintain a good pace of play by assisting in finding lost golf balls & rake sand. Remind players to fix divots, ball marks, & rake sand.  Offer words of encouragement.

Note 2: Parent/Spectator Cart Rule If a course allows cart rentals; you may rent one, for a fee to the club. No carts for Majors Division. Carts must remain on the cart paths, even with or 1 full shot++ ahead of your players.

Note 3: All entry fees include golf, range & prizes. Sponsors help to keep fees low.  The Parent-Child, Jr.-Jr., & Match Play all have different rates.  Tournaments such as the Match Play may have multiple rounds; however, single elimination applies.

Note 4: Withdrawing from an event?  If you withdraw from an event one-week prior to the event or more, you will receive a refund of the full amount minus $5.  Withdrawing less than one week prior to the event date ~ ½ of the entry fee will be refunded.  No refund or credit if you withdraw after tee-times are posted.  If you don’t show for the event ~ no refund.  Remember to sign-up early and guarantee your spot!!!                             

                                          Acceptance = Listed as a Participant and Receiving a tee-time (It is your responsibility to obtain your tee-time)

1st times are usually during the afternoon with Ages 16 to 19 teeing off first.

Call 609-374-1414 or visit   www.jgatour.us for more info.

Note 5: Only if extreme rain or life threatening weather conditions exist, will a tournament be postponed or shortened.  Be sure to call host club or check the home page of our website for more details.

Note 6: 9-hole Developmental Division only:  The highest score they can post hole will be 10. 

Note 7: A parent or guardian (adult) may be present to help with finding golf balls & forecaddying.  Parents may only take a cart if the golf course allows it (you are responsible for applicable fee).  We must honor course rules to preserve our invite back.  This includes all spectators wearing proper golf attire.

Note 8: It is permissible all JGA of America events to use a pullcart; unless, the course doesn’t allow it. 

Note 9:  Do not unduly delay your play. You may play ready golf.  Be ready to hit when it is your turn.


Tournaments ~ “JGA Tour – Majors Division” ~ all 36-hole / Nationally Ranked Two-day Events

The age division that you compete in is based on your age as of the first day of each event – see below chart. If you play at a higher skill level and want to move up a division, you may; however, you may not move back down.  Other national ranking opportunities exist by either playing in the Majors Division or by combining two select 18-hole/single-day Classic Division events.    There will be 4 ‘Majors’ and approximately 10-12+ combined ‘Classics’ to make for great national ranking opportunities and college recognition.         

All completed 36 Holes events will be posted on the www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com

Advanced Division

Girls:  Ages 18** & Under (6,000yds)             Boys:   Ages 16 to 18** (typically 6,500-7,000yds)

 (**May be 19 if still in high school)                                 Ages 15 & Under (up to 6,500yds) 

Intermediate Division (Great for newer golfers to the Majors who typically score 85-105…go for it!) Awards will be separate from the Advanced Division! Winners typically shoot in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s.  This division is great for new intermediate junior golfers who may want to play in college one day or simply just play at a higher level in the JGA Tour Majors.  The Majors are typically set up a bit tougher than the Classics.  This is a great test for their games over 36-hole events!  Plus, they’ll get out on the course with other kids their own age and skill level. The Intermediate Division will be Co-ed if less than 5 girls and will basically be handicapped by adjusting the tee locations/distances, modifying them by gender (girls playing up one set of tees from the boys) and by the following ages:  Ages 10-13 and Ages 14-18.  

The Intermediate Division is a perfect way for the kids to get their feet wet with competition and play great golf courses! By competing in this low stress division, the kids will more so learn golf the right way first through playing for fun with other kids who share similar interests. Must have the ability to swing the club, get the ball in the air and have above general knowledge about Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Full Swing, and Green-side Sand.  Each child will be paired after the last advanced group, with a max score of 10.  Once a jr. golfer shoots 84 or better twice, he or she must move on to the Advanced Division.  All entries are based on availability.


Tournaments ~ “JGA Tour - Majors” ~ Policies

Entry Fees and Yardages: See Tournament Entry Forms (available online www.jgatour.net)

**19 year-old applicants will only be accepted if currently in HS.  Based on skill level, players may move up to next age division


“JGA Tour - Majors” Tournament Entry Includes: Competition Rounds, (1) bucket of range ball before each competition round, and lunch or continental breakfast each day of competition.


“JGA Tour - Majors” Entry Deadline: Tournament entry forms must be received at least (14) days prior to event. All entries are on a first-come first-serve basis. All advertised spots per age division will be held up until the tournament deadline. After the deadline, we will enter applicants by postmark on entry envelope.  All field sizes are based on course availability.  See field size on entry form.


“JGA Tour” Electronic Measuring Devices:  It is permissible to use Electronic (distance only) Measuring Devices on the JGA Tour.  Must be willing to share information with group.


“JGA Tour - Majors” Spectator Cart Rule/Policy: The Majors  Division does not allow spectator carts for any reason.  You are allowed a caddie.  All spectators must stay approximately 30 yards away from players and walk in rough or on the cart path even with or ahead of the players in their group.  Spectators must stay off of greens, tees, & fairways.


“JGA Tour - Majors” Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel from a tournament, please notify the JGA of America as soon as possible. $170.00 will be refunded to you if cancellation occurs at least 10 days prior to the tournament start date. If the cancellation occurs within 7 days of the tournament start date, $130.00 will be refunded.  Those tournament entry fees not accepted will be returned.  For “Classics–Rules/Policies”see below.


“JGA Tour - Majors” *Inclement Weather: Only if extreme rain or life threatening weather conditions exist, will a tournament be delayed or shortened.  The Junior Golf Scoreboard will not rank an event that is shortened to less than 36 holes.  Because of travel limitations & course availability, the results of an inclement weather shortened event will stand as complete and no refunds or credits will be given.  Be prepared for all weather conditions.  We all share in the risk of a weather related shortened event. 


“JGA Tour - Majors” Caddie Policy:  Caddies are allowed on the JGA Tour.  Parents may caddie. Please enjoy this policy wisely as we wish to preserve the nature of the competition, spending quality time with our kids, and most importantly the kid’s enjoyment.  Caddies will certainly be an asset in the following areas: Pace of Play (raking bunkers, replacing divots, finding golf balls, helping to find rulings in USGA Rules of Golf book, etc.).


“JGA Tour – Classics & Majors” Parent Responsibilities:  Parents must respect all Rules & Policies set forth by the JGA of America.  We work very hard with club officials to keep the rules to a minimum.  Each golf course has their own rules and it is up to us to respect them; especially, if we want to get invited back.  A parent, guardian, & all spectators should register all complaints &/or concerns with a JGA of America/Tournament Official first, as there are great reasons why a rule or policy is in place (i.e. Cart Policies, Spectator Policies, Caddie Policies, Food Policies, etc.). 


Code of Conduct & Dress Code

It is very important that we uphold the Code of Conduct of the JGA of America & JGA Tour.  The Code of Conduct policy has been established to ensure that the traditions and integrity of the game of golf are preserved. The following guidelines below are a requirement of the JGA of America & JGA Tour for all members to apply while participating in our events.


Substance Use/Abuse: The use of any Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs on or off the golf course will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct resulting in disqualification and/or suspension from the JGA Tour golf tournament(s) at the Tour's absolute discretion.


Proper Golf Attire: All JGA Tour competitors and parents/spectators must wear proper golf attire while at the golf facility. No tank tops, t-shirts, blue jean pants/shorts, jerseys, or cut-offs are allowed. During play/spectating, collared shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times. If a hat is worn, it should be worn in the proper manner.  The above proper golf attire applies to all parents, family members, guardians, and all other spectators.  Anyone not abiding by these policies (those set forth by the golf courses and the game of golf) will be asked to leave the golf course’s property.


Off-Course Behavior: Any use of abusive language, vandalism of any kind at the host hotel or golf facility, history of juvenile delinquency and any other conduct not becoming of a JGA of America/ JGA Tour member, is a violation of the Code of Conduct. Violation may bring a letter of warning to parents and player, a disqualification from JGA Tour event(s), and/or a disqualification from future events and/or suspension from all future JGA Tour events.


Etiquette, Unsportsmanlike Behavior, & Parents/Spectators walking with Players: Abusive or inappropriate language; disrespectful behavior towards officials, club officials/employees, fellow competitors/opponents/parents/spectators, volunteers or golf professionals; throwing or breaking clubs; any form of cheating; parents/spectators walking with players (except where caddie rule is allowed); leaving the golf course without properly notifying an official during a tournament round; and abuse of the golf course in any way will all be considered Code of Conduct violations. A two-stroke penalty will be enforced by the JGA Tour for any behavior it deems unsportsmanlike or a code of conduct violation. A second offense will result in automatic disqualification from the tournament & a possible suspension from future JGA of America events.


Pace of Play ~ Helpful Tips

Follow the below tips to prevent situations from arising during your round. This will help to promote a positive tournament experience and can keep your group from receiving a pace of play warning or penalty during your round.  Pace of play management will be enforced at checkpoints during the round with warnings and penalties given for slow play.

There will be warnings and penalties assessed for slow play.  The whole group is subject to the penalty.  In some situations individual players may be subject to a 2-stroke penalty when they are put on the clock and they are found to be responsible for the group being behind past a 1st or 2nd warning.


1.   You may play ready golf (highly encouraged). Don’t distract a player by walking while they are playing. Parents – if you notice your group is falling behind, please remind players.
2.   Be ready to go when it is your turn (you should be able to do the following without disrupting other competitors):

            Get to your next shot without delay, since you walk a lot between shots, this will help preserve a good pace of play.

3.  Be aware of who is away. Feel free to ask, “Who is away?” (Remember that you may play ready golf)

4.  Obtain your yardage before it is your turn to play.

5.  Read your putt before it is your turn to play.

6.  Be alert so you can tend the flag or move your ball mark if necessary.

7.   Know where your group is in relation to the group in front of you.
8.   Anyone can search for a lost ball. Parents and spectators are encouraged to stay more than one full shot ahead of your group to spot errant shots.

9.  Mark your golf ball (dots, initials, lines, etc.) and show identifying marks to fellow competitors or opponents.

10.  If your ball might be lost outside a water hazard or out-of-bounds, play a Provisional Ball (Rule 27-2).

11.  If a ball is not found after 5 minutes, the fellow competitors must go to provisional ball. If a provisional was not played, you must go back to play another stroke (both with penalty) where previous shot was played.

13.  If a situation arises and you do not know how to proceed, play a second ball under Rule 3-3 and continue play (stroke play only). You must report the facts to the JGA Tour staff afterwards regardless of score.

14.  Place golf bag off the putting green on the side nearest the next teeing ground. This avoids holding up the following group to hit while a player retrieves their golf bag from the front of the green.


For more info: Call John Petronis at 609-374-1414 or e-mail petronisjohn@gmail.com

(See our website www.jgatour.us for more information.)


Signatures:  By signing up to play on the JGA Tour & or for Membership into the JGA Tour, you are agreeing to all of the rules & regulations and policies and procedures of the JGA Tour.  You will also be responsible for relaying the above to any/all of your guests/spectators who watch your junior golfer.

Basically besides the above, you agree to the following as well:  By registering for membership or playing as a non member of the JGA Tour, Junior Golfers’ Association of America, Inc., non-profit 501c3 and & all other family programs as noted on this entry form.  The membership applicant and the parent/guardian certify: 1)That the applicant is an amateur, as defined by the USGA; 2) that the conditions of the application have been read and understood and approval has been granted in submitting his/her entry;  3) that the information given in this application is true to the best of his/her knowledge; and 4) that all travel arrangements and expenses are the sole responsibility of the applicant and the parent/guardian.  In consideration of the applicant’s participation in JGA of America events/tournaments: 1) the applicant and the parent/guardian hereby release the JGA of America, all JGA of America activities (i.e. JGA Tour, JGA Golf Academy, etc.) the host club, and all of each company’s respective officers, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries, and affiliates from any and all liability associated either with acts or omissions of such parties, or with accidents or injuries sustained by the applicant or parent/guardian in connection with the tournaments and in case of medical emergency the applicant and parent/guardian authorize any and all appropriate treatments as determined by qualified and licensed medical personnel;  2) applicant agrees to tournament cancellation policy; and 3) the applicant grants and assigns his/her individual media/photo rights respecting participation in the competition, without exception to the sponsors, JGA of America, JGA Tour & JGA Golf Academy.


More info?: Call 609-374-1414  

Contact Person: Call John Petronis, Class “A-14” Member, PGA of America ~ President/Founder

Junior Golfers’ Association of America, Inc. non-profit 501(c)(3), JGA Tour and JGA Golf Academy






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