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Hello John, 

"I would like to thank you for all you have done for my family.  Understanding the college recruitment process was more challenging than we ever expected.  You provided the framework and guidance that enabled Quinn to find the college that met all his needs both academically and athletically.  We appreciate the time you took helping us understand the process and providing support with the golf resume, interview preparation as well as the many calls and emails made on his behalf.

From the very beginning, we could tell the thing most important to you was ensuring our son would be happy with his selection.  You are a true professional!    

Dave Guzman of Pa (son Quinn, Class of 2016)


"Just wanted to tell everyone I feel the John Petronis is very capable of finding a great college suited for our kids academic, athletic abilities, and interest in the golf field . My son is only a sophomore and will be approaching colleges very soon. John has already been working with him and is getting all his information together. John is advising Him on what to do even before he starts applying. John's biggest advice is academics first ,golfing second. Most of all we enjoy working with John. He is a very informative and caring about each of his clients. I feel my son will be in very good hands with John,and will lead him down the road of success."

Lorene DeKarski of Egg Harbor Township, NJ (son - Eric, Class of 2016)


"Navigating the waters of the competitive junior golf world can be very intimidating and confusing for junior players and their parents.  Several years ago my daughter Haley and I embarked on this journey together.  It was difficult even knowing where to begin.  Luckily, a Google search pointed us in the direction of the JGA Tour and founder John Petronis.  We started Haley in some of the JGA entry level 9 hole events, and over the years have progressed to where she is competing successfully in multi-day, advanced level tournaments. John Petronis and the JGA Tour have been there for us all the way.  John knows junior golf as well as anyone in the country, and the JGA Tour provides the perfect foundation for junior golfers to compete...from raw beginner to advanced levels...and at a terrific value relative to other junior tours!  The JGA Tour also provides an affordable opportunity for junior players to compete in events that will count toward the all important national rankings.  Competing on the JGA Tour provides the perfect platform from which juniors can progress to the largest national and international level competitions, and ultimately college golf...and beyond, if that is their desire!"-
Dewey Bookholdt of Columbus, NJ (daughter - Haley, Class of 2017)
"All three of my children have benefited from playing the JGA Tour. I believe that John Petronis has done an excellent job of making the game accessible to players of various skill levels. I also appreciate that the courses are close to us and are reasonable. John Petronis is a wonderful instructor and a leader. He has made resources for kids to continue to excel on and off of the golf course. Thank you John." Sincerely, Rose Kan of Boothwyn, PA (daughters Aurora, 2011, Cappy, 2017 & son Corey, 2020)


Dear John,

"Keith and I are happy to write and thank you for all of your hard work for the kids. Corey had a very good season on the JGA Tour and we are seeing the benefits during this high school season. With the PA kids playing in the fall, any time from spring through summer helps to get ready. Not only did he play great courses, but he got to meet golfers he normally would not meet during the course of his regular season. I also want to thank you for the close care you take of the golfers and if there are any issues, the kids can always come to you.  We try to teach that golf is a game of honor but some have not learned that lesson yet and it was helpful when you had to step in to resolve an issue with another golfer.  Golf lesson are not just about what happens inside the ropes but everything associated with it. We looked forward to seeing you next spring. Thanks again for all you do."

Keith and Kitty Betham of Norristown, PA (son Corey Class of 2015)


"Participating in the JGA events were an absolute pleasure. My daughter and were delighted with the whole JGA experience that we had this year. The options on what categories kids can play in, that the JGA offers, is very junior friendly and we definitely look forward to participating in future events. The staff is tremendously helpful, considerate and friendly. Also, I must point out that John has a quick turnaround time on emails which is really helpful.  We love the courses that John has chosen and we really appreciate the fact that parents are allowed to follow behind their kids during the course of play." Larry Miano of Dobbs Ferry, NY (daugher Taylor Class of 2020)



John, "Thank you for all your help and support with Sean, both with the recruitment issues and the JGA Tour.  It is not easy to find quality tournaments that give junior golfers the opportunity to play great courses at affordable prices run by people who really care about them.  Your approach and commitment is better than many of the so called premier junior tournaments we have attended.  Your communication with the junior golfers and your constant availability to answer questions and help them succeed is what sets you apart from many of your peers .  Your staff is very professional and treats the golfers with great respect.  Please keep up the good work."  Carter Corriston of Ramsey, NJ (son is Sean, Class of 2015)


"Knowing first hand how great the JGA Golf Academy is for the older golfers, I decided to visit the Saturday program for 6-9 year olds. I observed the students not only learning golf but having fun doing it. I was so impressed that I am planning on enrolling my grandson when he turns 6 years old. As a former high school coach, I strongly recommend this camp for golfers of all ages." Thanks, Gary Cocking
Hello Mr.Petronis,
       "I would like to take my time to say thankyou very much.  I have enjoyed participating in your tournamemts, which have been extremely fun. Also for putting in your own time and effort to make the tournaments come together. It has always been a pleasure just to be in your tournaments, I hope to see you in the next one. Thankyou for all your time and good efforts."
Sincerely yours, 
CK (Caprian "Cappy" Kan) of Boothwyn, Pa., Class of 2017
"JGA tour has been a life changing experience. John Petronis has helped my score go down by more than 10 strokes. Getting lessons from him has improved my game drastically. Playing at hard courses like we do on the tour makes me improve my game and it lets me shoot low at my home course. JGA tour is the best tour I ever played on and John has been so helpful and kind through the process. JGA tour is the best and I love it and I thank John for all his hard work to produce such a wonderful thing." 
Kevin Haines of Medford, NJ
Class of 2016
Hi John,
"I would like to thank you for all you do in supporting junior golf and by assisting junior golfers and their families in the college recruiting process. As a college coach for 28 years, I have had great success in recruiting student-athletes from the JGA TOUR. Many have helped us win conference titles as well as appearances in the NCAA National Championships three of the past five years.
Without your dedication and tireless efforts of your staff, we as college coaches would have a more difficult time in recruiting quality student-athletes for our programs.Again, thanks for all you do for junior golf!"

Scott Moyer, GCAA
Director of Golf/Men's Coache
McDaniel College & GC, Div. III
Westminster, MD
John,"I want to thank you for sending results from the JGAI find it to  be a great tool to stay up to date with the talent at the Tournaments.  It is real useful to have this information so I can keep up with progress with future recruits.  Thank you."
Elliot Gealy, Men's & Women's Coach
Pfeiffer University, Div. II
Misenheimer, NC

Hi John! "I would like to attract top scholars who have a passion for learning and for the game of golf.  An Amherst student is able to combine one of the top level liberal arts education with a competitive Division III intercollegiate golf experience.  JGA is an important avenue to find these types of student-athletes." 

Michelle C. Morgan, Women’s Golf CoachAmherst College, Div. III
Amherst, MA
John, "I want to thank the JGA Golf Academy for providing me the information needed to recruit several of your Academy student-athletes.  Your players are very talented and have golf swings that are fundamentally sound-a product of good instruction and hard work. I look forward to continuing to follow your web site and seeing those golfers that have the talent to help programs like we have here at Catawba College.  Best of Luck!"
Sam Gealy, Men's & Women's Golf Coach
Catawba College, Div. II
Salisbury, NC
"I've known John Petronis for over 20 years.  Since starting as Head Men's Golf Coach at Drexel 13 years ago, I've leaned on John to find the best players for Drexel University.  Not only the most talented, but also the "best fit" for Drexel."  John does a great job in matching the student's best fit, with the school's best fit.  Of all the emails and letters we get from PSA's, John's kids are always at the top of the list with their well written and prepared letters and resumes.  His kids are prepared for the rigors of finding the right school.  

I can highly suggest using John and his services to help you and your child.

Coach Mike Dynda- Drexel University, PA



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